Time to introduce Peepshow, if there ever was a group that illustrated the idea of “A Collective”, these guys are it. Our first meeting involved sitting round a small table with everyone who was part of the collective and basically laughing. Always a good way to start any meeting. Peepshow is made of Andrew Rae, Luke Best, Miles Donovan, Chrissie MacDonald and a few more who I can’t remember their names as I told you it was a funny meeting? Oh and pulling strings certainly on this particular project is wonderful Pete Mellor.

We were after a certain something else to be brought to a section and we found it through their humour, previous work examples like “ Cowards “ and even browsing through the hilarious blog of Andrew Rae we felt our humorous request would be safe. Its been a pleasure working with these guys so far and you can certainly see a long friendship which began when they all finished at the University of Brighton in 2000.

Some other bits and pieces of their work that’s worth a look are “Kantar Montage” which is a great example of what the collective can offer. “From www to zzz” also a nice little tactile animation.

When asked them what they do exactly their reply. “We work extensively within the areas of illustration, advertising, art direction, moving image, set design, mixed media installation and fashion and textile design.”

So basically anything. They did also pitch for another part of the film with a storyboard full of stuffed animals which was hilarious but did not quite fit our film.

Be sure to look out for small nuances within their piece this is the humour that made us laugh in the first meeting and I’m sure you will to.

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