Its been important to follow each company’s workflow and make sure all is in order, most of the companies have been popping into the chapman headquarters studio but some studio visits have been necessary. Justin equipped with his glasses popped to Bristol, visiting two of the companies involved the lovely Arthur Cox and hilarious A for Animation.

For the more technical minded of you out there what we were mainly looking at was depth budgets between cuts, any issues where the stereo is to much or even a side panning camera that works so well in 2D, but in 3D stereo its a problem. So we had three different styles to look at, all composited in Adobe After Effects but with very different work flows. Hand generated oil on glass looping textures of George Sander Jackson, precision drawing skills and character animation from Matt Walker and the mighty complex and hilarious work from the team of A for Animation directed by Jane Davies which will have you all in laughter.

Since we have been open with development so far we are not going lie, there have been issues with rendering the huge files, problems with stereo rigs breaking in the computer, to much depth in shots which just hurts your eyes. Orientation issues linked with point of interest of Camera’s in Adobe After Effects, effect plugins that just don’t work in stereo. These are just a few of the issues as we come to the point of compositing and outputting the film. So Justin did return from Bristol with a headache but with a smile on his face put there by the mazing visuals that are being fine tuned.

Just thought we’d let you know – Here’s a Pic of the team.