Why not share another of the companies, this one being Beakus. We were introduced to these guys after searching for one of their directors Matthias Hoegg, this was after seeing a piece he did titled ‘Thursday‘ You have to check it out, his transitions between scenes are just beautiful. Guess BAFTA thought this also as it was nominated in 2011.

Beakus represent a few other directors as well like Steve Smith who founded the company, Leo Bridle who did this wicked piece ‘Train of Thought‘. There are some other very talented people on their site as well, one thing that I have found out about these guys is that they really nurture new creative animation talent. Continually running into them at graduate shows and chatting about animation and their aim to continue it’s development and increase it’s involvement in modern media platforms.

This group are actually looking after two sections of our film having introduced us to another director Dan Chester his part of Moth Collective his unique sense of humor is hilarious. You will jut have to see the twist he has applied to his section, its wrong but so right.

So Beakus thanks for being a part of the film. We have come along way from our first meeting in the cafe down in wapping below their studios. I’m sure we are adding to the already high standards of UK animation and your helping us lead the way.