Ever wondered who the directors of A Liar’s Autobiography 3D were? Well, It’s no secret. The film is being directed by the wonderful Jeff, Bill and Ben. These guys also sat and brought Graham’s story to life from the original publication ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’ a few months ago in a room in soho reviewing python archive coming up with ideas and above all laughing.

Can you guess who founded Bill and Ben Productions. Together Bill Jones (Python’s own, Terry Jones’s Son) and Ben Timlett have been producing award-winning film and television content since 1998, including the multi-Prime Time Emmy Award nominated MONTY PYTHON ALMOST THE TRUTH – THE LAWYER’S CUT – which Bill and Ben produced and directed in 2009. ‘WHO KILLED NANCY’ was another great documentary they made as well telling the story of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

We cant forget Jeff Simpson. Formerly of the BBC  Jeff’s credits include MARTY FELDMAN: SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION and GIRLS AND BOYS: A HISTORY OF BRITISH POP and as a producer on Top of the Pops. Not to forget 13 years at Radio 1 where he was heavily involved as a reporter, journalist and producer covering entertainment news. Taking the film review slot on BBC 6 Music on saturday lunchtimes on the Liz Kershow Show.

In a way I suppose you can say the film has another 19 directors as each company in their own right are directors of their section bringing in their own opinions and not to forget style.

There you have it, now you know.