Chapman Progress Update

So … We’ve just been relaxing, kicking back, watching the latest 3D movies and drinking the occasional beer with our feet up, I mean its not like we have an animation delivery deadline… Only kidding, we’ve all been busy busy busy, excess caffeine and late nights in the world of all things 3D.  As you can imagine every company is working extra hard in line with their production schedules, we do have a film to deliver after all.

As you know, we cant unveil very much in terms of videos and pictures on the film right this moment. However we can keep you up to date with the progress of this stereoscopic 3D feature.

At the moment all of the companies are backwards and forwards between headquarters and their own studios, coming in to review stereo tests on a large screen on their individual sections. The majority of companies have their characters animated and are fine tuning their sequence. Some are still colouring in whilst others are rigging and building more facial expressions either by hand or creating face morphs in cgi programs. Some are even beginning their final renders which is all a bit scary, remember stereoscopic means twice as many renders for left and right which needs twice as much time.

Its really fascinating seeing the different depth budgets over all the sequences, certain styles can push the stereo further while others need to be subtle. This depends on their illustrative style and workflow and not to forget the result of cutting between shots, this all has effect on the flow of the sequence in stereo. Basically we are paying attention to the storytelling aspect of stereo.

That was enough of a break writing this, better get back to it.