Did you know that Bafta are involved in the Behind The Scenes for ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’? Well now you do. Since this film is such a huge learning curve for all the companies involved Bafta want to tell the story and spread it round.

Bafta have been following us virtually from the start, they have access to all the goodies including pictures and videos of the creation of this feature length film. The highs and the lows, well maybe not so much the lows but the complications and revaluation’s, they’ve also had access to our initial introductions, our Tone and Tech days, alongside our early morning meetings and late late nights, so be prepared to follow the story.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it, well it is very very exciting. Filmmaker James Partridge has been selected and is working with the directors, studios & Bafta to make this all possible. Of course we can’t show any of the behind the scenes exclusives yet, but in the meantime check out a little more of what James is up to at the moment and what he has done in the past, like this great piece entitled ‘Weekend Warrior Teaser’.

These final films will obviously be on the DVD when that comes round but also will be able to viewed on the Bafta website, we will let you know when.