So we’ve got some new toys to play with…

Matt Gyves from Adobe has kindly delivered us a new HP Machine, a HP Z800 Workstation to be exact, with a built in Nvidia Quadro 5000, so a big Thanks to Adobe, HP and Nvidia. This machine flies along and because of CS5.5 Mercury Playback Engine we are running two HD streams Left and Right at realtime with dynamic linking from After Effects Comps a perfect adobe workflow really.

Our new baby is settling in nicely and I feel its going to be pushed to the limit. Its going to be the machine which all the other animation companies will be visiting us to use so they can view their stereoscopic 3D work on. Its connected to a 47inch LG screen so its rather funny seeing a load of grown ups sitting in a small room with glasses on.

We will tell you more on each companies workflow as we move along.

Thanks again Adobe, HP & NVidia.