Introducing another one our companies and this time its Superfad. Out of all the companies we contacted to take part these guys were the only one who had actually read the book. Actually it was Geraint Owen who had read it, one of their establishing partners. If you don’t know about their work, you should. We’re sure you would of seen or heard about their work somewhere in the world of animation.

These guys are based in America set up in Los Angeles, Seatlle and New York. We actually got in contact via their UK representation Moxie Pictures and we’re so glad we did, they are treating this one as a personal project and involving a lot of their team members and its showing. They chose a loverly part of the film that has beautiful comic timing and character design. They’ve got it and every time we see updates we are rolling about laughing.

A little description below from the them and their work.

“Superfad’s creative reach is both vast and personal, combining branding expertise with artistic approaches. This vision can be seen in the main title design for ‘Red Riding: 1980,’ motion design in the feature doc ‘Project Nim,’ Superfad’s own internet short film sensation ‘Wiley Coyote,’ as well as commercials for X-Games, Nintendo, Sprint, Amex, and the wildly popular Durex viral.”

Stirling work we do have to admit the ‘Durex’ commercials made us laugh for days, but what was even better were the outtakes. Hilarious. Another nice piece from Superfad is ‘Tactile Waveforms‘ their latest short film.

So we look forward to many a skype calls ahead and trying to explain the English humor and words to our new friends Superfad.