What a lovely creative eclectic group of people sitting in a lovely space on Bermondsey St London. Greeted by their studio dog and a friendly chat with Richard and Layla this is how it all began really as Trunk were one of the first companies we approached. Their immediate interest and enthusiasm for the project has now shifted into over drive and the friendly little animation machine is kicking along and producing some beautiful work.

Watch out for the ‘Jock Mooney’ illustrations that bring Graham to life with a quirky twist. Add to the team a selection of highly skilled compositors, illustrators, directors, producers and even interns they have a loverly little family going on over there.

Their work is mixed media based and has a sense of personal expression giving it a tactile and authentic feel, none of this CGI surreal world nonsense. This work has real expression done frame by frame and the previous artistic backgrounds of everyone is reflected. Also to mention is the humor that these guys will bring if the animatic is anything to go by they are well on the way to creating something memorable and very funny.

Direct quote from the team “We are happy, we work hard, and we love collaborating with creatively likeminded people.” Welcome to the world of Project Chapman 3D guys, can’t wait to see what you guys create.