We had an idea of a section in the film that required something special from a certain animation company. A difficult challenge that if pulled off correctly could steel the show. We found them. Mr and Mrs are a wonderful creative collective, I’m going to refer to them as this as they all work together but yet feel so individual.

First meeting them I wondered into their office not really sure if I was in the right place, glass walls, very quiet, everyones head immersed into their computers. Calling out the words Mr & Mrs a few heads popped up and came over to say hi. The rest is history but the humor is going to last for ever when these guys are finished. All I’m going to say is hang out for the credits.

Highly skilled and highly individual people Susie, Lee, Sam, Ashley and the rest stand up and say hello the work you guys are doing on the film is brilliant. A few inspiring words below from the company.


We don’t even like cats. But we like the way they follow their instincts. We thrive on that feeling you get when you know something is right (even if it’s weird).

Like our logo. Having a cat on it’s own is one thing. But give him a pipe, and he’s quite something else – debonair, one might say.

We love creating the unexpected. It”s in everything we do.


Now you see why we have got them involved in ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’. They are perfect