Introducing Treat Studios down a small alley way in East London is where these guys hang out. Actually when we found them I was expecting a large bright white studio built into a converted warehouse, something that is uber cool and so hip right now. Instead rather amusingly I found myself looking at a small council flat door but hey its what’s inside that counts.

We came across this great collective when we found an animation titled Surfers Against Sewage directed by Robin Bushell one part of the collective. It had humor, narrative and a beautiful hand drawn technique. Then before we knew it we realised we had actually seen many of the other animations we found on their site. Julia Pott’s Howard and then they blew us away with their E4 Xmas. They all have different ways of making things so their work is an eclectic mix of styles that somehow fit together and help one another progress and vibrate into new and exciting structures.

From their hand drawn old school cell animation to their iconic cuckoo’ing clock in their small but personal studio these guys are going to deliver something that will catch everyone by surprise I’m sure. Recently picked up by Blinkink watch out for these guys they are going to shake things up a bit.

A few words from the collective ‘Get in touch with us if you like what we do. If you don’t, let’s wrestle!’