We met Sarah Trigg from Skillset at a stereoscopic 3D storytelling conference at Ravensbourne University in January 2011. It was the beginning of the new year and as normal everyone is up for making new friends which is really how this project all started.

On talking about the project further, the support and excitement began, the interest in multiple animation studios taking their own individual styles into a stereo 3D environment was very exciting. Through the development of the film these studios would be trained and would also share their findings with each other and the global community.

If you don’t know, Skillset are “an industry body that supports skills and training for people and business to ensure the UK creative industries maintain their world class position”. Thats what the press release says, but in reality they are absolutely instrumental in the British creative industries, their reach is long and their influence is vital. They support a whole array of disciplines, from fashion to computer games. They encourage professionalism and excellence. Two anchors, in our opinion.

As regulars to this blog will know, we are all about the training. For the film, we’ve managed development of stereoscopic 3D training for all our animators. Yes we want to make a great film, but we also want to leave a legacy of wonderful S3D creatives here in the UK.

And for those that haven’t been involved directly in the film, we’re enjoying sharing our tutorials online for you to engage with, learn from, add to and so on.

We can do all this because of Skillset’s generous support, with their support we were able to involve industry mentors, purchase 3D screens for each company and create and manage the S3D training for both the animators and the blog-visiting creative community.

Take some time to visit the Skillset website www.skilset.org , and maybe even sign up for one of their top-drawer training programs.

So from a little hello at a conference to now, Skillset have been absolutely instrumental to the training for our wonderful animators in the arts of stereoscopic 3D.

Thanks to Sarah and the team.