In no particular order at all here is Arthurcox one of the 15 companies commissioned to work on the film.

In a city an hour and a half out of london called Bristol we found this loverly collective who go by the name of ArthurCox, recommended to us by many we got in touch and were immediately won over by their friendly producer Kaia.

They are a talented team of Directors who write, design, animate and edit, the studio outputs a broad and strong diverse style of filmmaking, which you can see by visiting their website. We noticed a couple who seemed perfect for Chapman’s story. We warmed to Matt Walker after we saw his beautiful film titled John and Karen a short where John the polar bear apologises to Karen the penguin, comedy timing to perfection. Next was George Sander-Jackson and his approach was very individual and perfect for a section of the film. His animation style is probably the most challenging in the whole film but you will have to wait and see.

So we will be making a few trips to loverly Bristol over the coming months and learn more about this wonderful BAFTA winning company who specialise in all things moving.

Stay tuned for the next talented animation team.