Well here we are award season contenders. After the long hours of cell animation, CGI model building, stop motion, texture painting, model casting, stereoscopic technique development, workflow headaches, convergence points, director arguments, transitions, skype calls, red bull, grading, rendering, pre-comps, exhaustion but so so much love it looks like we are beginning to be recognised. To be even mentioned with the likes of Brave, Wreck It Ralph, ParaNorman, Frankenweenie, Pirates, Rise of the Guardians, Le Tableau and the others is an amazing feeling.

Creative collaboration and the learning opportunities that were apart of this pioneering mixed animation project is leaving a wonderful legacy in the animation world. The film really is like something you have never seen before. Running ProjectChapman3D since the beginning of the project has enabled us to share our steps along the way. Sorry if they have been less frequent than one would like but sadly this has been done in the evening by a one or two people that really want to share our story.

Here we are being recognised as an Oscar contender. Wow. Being recognised on a global scale really is something none of us expected but are very much cherishing now.

Animation magazine over of the Oscar Contenders.
Indiewire think we have an outsiders chance of being one of the 5 to be nominated. Have a read down towards the end of the article.

This site is the only place that can really share the pride of the project with all the animation companies and individuals involved. From a one man shop working on his own section in Oxford to an animation company in New York. Name checking them all below. Obviously there are many more people involved, 3 Main Directors, Sound Designers, PR but for now Animators get listed.

A for Animation (Director Jane Davies) – Sit On My Face
ArthurCox (Directors Matt Walker & George Sander Jackson) – Coming Out Party & Drying Out
Beakus (Directors Matthias Hoegg & Daniel Chester) – LA Parties & Epsitle)
Cake - Cock Car
Made Visual Studio (Directors Justin Weyers) – Biggles
Mr & Mrs - Monkeys
Not To Scale (Director Chris Ketchell) – Oscar Wilde
Peepshow - Polish Airmen
Sherbet (Director Joe Pelling) – Cambridge & Freud
Steven Lall - Eton
Superfad (Sean Dougherty & Andrew Stubbs Johnston ) - Scarborough & Teen Sex
Treat Studios - Space Pods
Trunk - Ibiza
Tundra (Director Espen Haslene) – Nightmare

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