Who is Graham Chapman??
Graham Chapman was one of the members of Monty Python. If you don’t know who Monty are then google them, watch some videos then come back here.


Chapman played Brian in ‘The Life of Brian’, was Arthur in ‘The Holy Grail’, and widely lauded as the silly one in the group (it was he that suggested a dead parrot would be funnier that other deceased pets).
His life was one of contrary faces. He was a manly sportsman and mountaineer, founding member of the dangerous sports society and the very embodiment of an English Gent. He was also an alcoholic homosexual with a ferocious sexual appetite. He was right there in the public eye though at the same time an utter mystery to those around him.

Before his death, Chapman recorded his memoirs in an LA recording studio, and this will provide the narration for our film from beyond the grave.
Enjoy this clip of Graham at his absolute best!!

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