With all the excitement and press that’s flying around the US and UK with all the premieres. Thought we would bring together some of the exclusive clips that are beginning to circulate around in the media world.

Empire who are hosting our London Premiere on the 16th October released a clip from Ibiza on their website today. Click here. This section features the voices of Chapman himself and John Cleese as they ride their tandem bicycle in Ibiza procrastinating about writing for David Frost. This section was created by London based ‘Trunk‘ and is beautifully illustrated by ‘Jock Mooney‘.

Huffington Post have introduced us to an exclusive clip where Graham was born. Click here. This section was created by the talented collective that is ‘Peepshow‘. Look out for the twisted humour let us know if you can spot a unique version of Hitler.

And finally another clip that went under the radar was the announcement of ‘Sigmund Freud’ which came out just before our World Premiere at Torronto. It was released through Hollywood reporter. Click here. Voiced by a special addition to the film ‘Cameron Diaz’ stereotype cast I know but the directors just thought she should once again bring out the little man in her head. Would you of known it was her if we had not told you ?  This sequence was painstakingly made by done by ‘Joe Pelling‘ at London based Sherbet. How many kinds of beards can you count that were used.

Am sure there will be more bits and bobs released over the coming weeks. There are so many styles of animation to share with you, 17 to be exact. Wonder what will be released next.