We are so excited to announce a world wide competition in collaboration with Adobe, all of you creative animators out there who have been following the film thinking. ‘I wish I could of done that’. Now you can.

Pop over to www.AnimateChapman.com and take a look, its pretty exciting. Register your interest and download the audio, some real favourites in there but also some new and exclusive never heard before audio. We are collaborating with the creative world of Adobe and you can actually win a copy of CS6 Production Premium. Download their trial and have a go, After Effects works a lot faster, we are telling you.

You can use what ever technique you want, hand drawn, CGI, stop motion and let your creative minds go wild that’s what Terry Gilliam did in the early Python animations. Use Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium within your workflow and your elegible to be one of the 10 Winners that will be chosen. One by you the viewers on how many votes it gets on the official films facebook page.

All entries in by October 22nd 2012, so get animating and tell all your friends.