The loverly calm, gently, sophisticated company that is Sherbet, well known for their diverse approach and support of young directors over the passed 15 years are a pleasure to work with. Their beautiful crafted studio in Clerkenwell, London is the perfect housing for their inspiring creativity.

Always wondering who did this wonderful piece for Irn Bru, we found them. Its beautiful and hilarious have a look. Their roster of award winning directors branches across many mediums and we knew we would certainly get something different. We were looked after by the loverly Sarah Essam from beginning to end who was kept very busy as they took on the largest individual section in the film. Compositors Adam Aiken and Ben Sayer got stuck in early and many obstacles to tackle in their new 3D stereoscopic style.

Sherbet have certainly taken a big bite out of the apple they are also doing two completely different sections of the film a cell animation and a stop motion technique. They proposed an inspiring young director called Joe Pelling and showed us this wonderful little Christmas Card and we fell in love with its light hearted humour straight away.  Another haunting piece that also impressed was The Colouring.

So with Sherbet behind Joe with their teams of compositors and animators we could not wait to see what they came up with. Big shout out to all the interns involved on their section as well I know their were a few.