So what is ProjectChapman3D? A fair question!!

Where to start? Well, ProjectChapman3D is a site dedicated to the making of “A Liar’s Autobiography, 3D” (Working title), a 90-minute, stereoscopic 3D feature film on the life of Graham Chapman from Monty Python.

To make this film we are going to invite a number of animators to take a section of the script and bring it to life…in 3D. “But the cost of 3D is epic, and its complicated and blah blah blah”, I hear you cry.

Not so, a large section of this blog is to share with you the many techniques that we are researching and employing that use your everyday animating software. We’re talking about Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and other industry-standard tools. And we will be sharing our workflow that is anchored in easy to achieve, high-end delivery, cost efficient stereoscopic 3D.

We will also be introducing you to the people involved in the project, sharing their experiences and thoughts on how to make 3D accessible to the creative professional without breaking the bank.

Finally we’ll be sharing all our interesting discoveries from industry events we’d recommend to well written and researched articles on the topic, from other peoples 3D films that we think are great to training activities that might be worth exploring further. And anything else that comes our way.

And we hope that during the process that you’ll all get in touch, share your experiences and creations and help this project build an exciting community.

So here we go!!

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