When we first met ‘Not To Scale’ I thought what does that mean, is it an illustration reference or maybe a comment on a larger than life perspective. All I can say is I’m glad a well known international company like Not To Scale gave our small project a chance.

Finally meeting the jet setting Dan O’Rouke the founder of the company who introduced us to his producer Lisa Hill and director Chris Ketchell. These guys knew how to get the most out of a creative project and were sure up for a challenge. Introduced to Chris’s wonderful craft and seeing his techniques it was soon clear he would bring an original hand made element to his creation.

Not To Scale represent a real diverse range of directors on an international level and pieces like MTV 360 of London based Ubik and the talents of Man Vs Magnet were the reason we wanted them involved. Their quirky and creative approach is reflected in the bustling studio in the heart of Soho London.

So we attracted Chris’s interest and their section actually opens our film and gives a great introduction in Graham and who he was and also reminds us of the other pythons. Their approach to making the section was intriguing from the outset which included set builds, costume photography, archived footage and then compositing it all together in 3Dstereoscopic. We should introduce compositor James Littlemore for his hard work and determination in finding a workflow that would bring Chris’s ideas to life.

Again all we can say is thanks for seeing the potential and bringing your unique approach to the film.