Talk about an original direction and creative approach to projects TUNDRA* have our vote.

They work from a space in East London but their fingers are in so many pies all over the world. Each project they work on is an example of a beautiful craft, mixing mediums and styles your not sure what you will find them doing next.

Founded by 4 visual artists which explains their diverse appeal also have a Norway office and some projects collaborate between the two. Little quote from their site “The challenge for Tundra* is to produce creative solutions that organically mix contemporary digital and traditional handcrafted techniques in unique refreshing innovative ways.”  You guys have to see their work in stereoscopic its nuts.

Time to share some of their previous work Isca Obscura is an amazing projection on Exeter Cathedral these guys had just completed when we first met them. Wish we could of been there to see it live. A recent photoshoot they were involved in for Galliano is dark but with a twist of beauty and then this interesting piece titled Donnelly24. Basically we did not know exactly what we were going to get but it was going to be dark, twisted and beautiful.

When you see the film sure you will be able to pick the section, look out for the crafted puppet theatre.