It’s been a little while since the whole Project Chapman family have got together, our Tech and Tone days seem like they happened a lifetime ago now. Well last week friday the gang all got together once more, this time for a Video Shoot for the credits.

This event, which took place on Jan 27th, was a great success, alongside the big social gathering for the family, throughout which we were all able to chat & catch up, everyone was also able to view there work on our big 3D screen. More importantly the day was dedicated to shooting the whole family singing along to a well known, very hilarious and very entertaining Monty Python song. The footage filmed on the night will actually be used in the end credits of the film.

We still have to film a couple of the companies, so maybe we’ll do it all again. Going to have to do something tricky to capture the guys from Superfad who are in America.

A fun filled evening with the whole team, literally. Now back to work.

Don’t say that we don’t ever give you any behind the scenes exclusives, we captured the whole event on camera. Watch us all here and have laugh with us.

Project Chapman

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