Are you ready for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival? Well its here. Running until the 29th Jan 2012, this amazing film festival begins today.

For those who are not familiar with Sundance, it is the largest independent Film Festival which takes place annually in Utah, showcasing work from both American and international filmmakers. The festival is managed by The Sundance Institute, an internationally-recognised nonprofit organisation, responsible for advancing the work of risk-taking storytellers.

At this years festival, fellow creatives from the This Is It Collective will be screening a short film about teaching creativity, titled ‘Don’t hug me I’m scared.’ The film is directed by Rebecca Sloan & Joseph Pelling (Joe is one of the directors working alongside Sherbet on a section of the Film)

Alongside This Is It, there will be many many other talented filmmakers. More info on them and the Festival here

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