It’s been a while and it does seem like we’ve been neglecting you. We’d like to say sorry, so we’re going to bring you up to speed with a few short and sharp posts over the next week.

Last time we caught up, we were telling you all about the films directors. They have been in and out over the last few months with their 3 opinions. Our main task over the last few months is quality control, basically making sure its all working. Checking the left and right sequences are working, sometimes we have dropped frames, sometimes people have mistakenly rendered corrupt frames like two left eyes. Importantly we’re making sure its not the 3D that makes you jump back from the screen, snatch your 3D glasses off, and wipe your watering eyes. This has been a mammoth task considering we have 19 different stereo techniques.

So stay tuned we’ll be back soon. Happy New Year Everyone

* image above is actually a piece of Graham’s memorabilia which we use as our 3D glasses holder. So Graham is still with us.