Lets introduce one the wonderful animation teams in Bristol, UK.

A for Animation; it does animation and is almost the first one listed in the phone directory.

Introduction to this team was like finding the right people for the right job, as soon as we meet we realised they could take anything we throw at them. Their twisted humour and ability to overcome a particular challenging section of the film were hit head on and you will have to see for yourself the final reward. Trust us you will be telling your friends about it long after the film is finished.

We asked them to write a few words about themselves and this is their reply…..

A cheery and friendly little company happy to produce animation for whoever or whatever wanted it. It wasn’t long before the likes of Madonna, Rod Stewart & Elton John were popping into the studio for cups of tea and gossip. Okay, well perhaps they didn’t actually visit the studio or drink the fine tea or gossip. But they did ask A for Animation to produce music videos for them. Well, not them directly, it was probably their manager or producer or somebody. We’re getting off the point here. The fact was that A for Animation was working with a lot of people doing a range of interesting animation jobs. After music videos and adverts the studio moved onto series production with schedules that would literally go on for months. Imagine that, working on just one job for months. Incredible. Okay, not that incredible, but in the world of animation long jobs like that don’t come along that often. The studio was now a trusted pair of hands with clients coming back again and again. Perhaps for the fine tea and gossip. Who knows?

So they like to chat it seems but personally we could not of met a more personable and talented team than who we were introduced to, besides the other 14 companies working on the film. The director of their section Jane Davies worked closely with a small team of animators and compositors and brought to life the work of colourful vision of illustrator Leah Heming. Viewers of the film will have to look out for the fine detail in their section its hilarious and don’t miss the musically timed pooping pigeon.

Guys tremendous job one worthy of a standing ovation, A for Animation, no way ……….. A for Awesomeness.

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